Do Fireworks Hurt a Dog's Ears?

Fireworks -- pretty to your eyes, harsh on your dog's ears.
Fireworks -- pretty to your eyes, harsh on your dog's ears. (Image: Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

If your pooch acts stressed out whenever Independence Day rolls around each summer, then it's probably not because he has a problem with hot dogs and crowds of people. Not only do fireworks often sound terrifying and jarring to canines, they can actually be hurtful to their furry ears, too.

Yes, They Can Hurt a Dog's Ears

Canines have famously delicate ears, which is why the noise of fireworks can be extremely uncomfortable. The nonstop booming sounds can cause a poor pooch to feel pain. The combination of the chaos and commotion of fireworks with ears full of "ouch" isn't a recipe for a happy dog. Not only can fireworks cause dogs to feel pain, they can also result in hearing damage.

The Power of Doggie Hearing

You might think that just because you're able to handle the sounds of fireworks fine, your dog can, too. That simply isn't true. Canine hearing is significantly stronger than that of humans. The furry guys can detect noises from much more remote locales than people, and they also can pick up on much more piercing sounds, too. The shrill elements that often accompany fireworks might even sound a little annoying to you, so just imagine how your cutie feels.

Hearing Damage

In some cases, fireworks can actually be extremely detrimental to a dog's ears, leading to hearing loss. Fireworks aren't the only noises that can damage your dog's ear. Other potentially destructive noises are loud music, construction work and ambulance sirens, for starters. Make a point to take your pet to the veterinarian regularly and have his ears checked. Your vet can closely examine them for any signs of a problem, whether an effect of loud fireworks or not.


As a caring owner, shield your precious dog from the discomfort and possible dangers of fireworks by making sure the little guy stays indoors while all the action is going on. You can also attempt to obstruct the outdoor noise by either playing calming, soft music for him or by leaving the television on. Make a point to shut your windows, too. If you have further concerns about how to manage your pet during fireworks, contact your veterinarian for suggestions.

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