Can Sit-Ups Make You Get Curves?


Some women seem to be born with curves, while others spend long hours in the gym trying to build the body of their dreams. Getting curves through exercise depends on how you define a curvaceous body -- if your idea of curves is an hourglass-shaped body, situps can be a valuable addition to your workout routine, but on their own, they are unlikely to help you get curves.

Curvy Body

  • Talk to five women about what makes a curvy body and you're likely to get almost five different answers. If the general consensus, however, is that a curvy body consists of a large bust, slender waist and large, round hips, only some people can use situps -- or any other exercise -- to build this curvy body. For example, if you're slender from head to toe, situps can build strength but won't lead to an even smaller waist measurement. If you're curvy but still need to shrink your waistline, situps can tighten your midsection.

Burning Fat

  • Body-weight exercises such as situps are an ineffective way to burn calories to help you lose fat. If you feel all that stands between you and a curvy body is losing a couple inches off your waist, situps aren't the exercise you'll use to get results. Instead, turn to a cardio workout, which burns calories quickly. Cardio exercises such as jogging, step aerobics and swimming can help you create the caloric deficit that will result in fat loss. While the fat loss will be throughout your body, rather than just around your waist, consistent cardio can lead to a curvy figure.

Strengthening Your Core

  • As you perform cardio exercises to burn fat and build a slimmer waistline, you can add situps to your workout regimen. The result of repeatedly performing this exercise is the creation of a strong core and, if you've lost enough belly fat, you can eventually build abs that are visible. Women won't typically describe someone with a six pack of abs as being curvy, however. In this case, it's still acceptable to perform situps, but avoid training to the point of creating a six pack.

Glute Exercises

  • While curves are natural for many women, you can accentuate your curves through exercise by building muscle rather than just trying to burn fat. If you have a slender waist but don't yet have a curvy backside, exercises that involve your glutes can build a large, curvy behind. Body-weight exercises such as squats and lunges can strengthen your glutes, while leg raises, back kicks and several yoga poses can also be effective.

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