Wheel Carts for Cats With Paralysis


Cats who have endured traumatic accidents that leave them paralyzed still can live a happy and exciting life. Though they may not run on all four legs, wheels can give them a new way of navigating through their worlds -- and at surprisingly high speeds. A custom-made wheel cart can give a cat with paralysis a new lease on life and the independence that he craves.

Paralysis Doesn't Mean the End

Some kittens and cats are put to sleep when a veterinarian or owner learns that the cat will never walk again. It is assumed that this means it is the end for a cat, but this does not have to be the case. With the help of a wheel cart made specifically for the individual cat, he will be able to go anywhere he wants to go using the lightweight and easy-to-maneuver wheels that serve as hind legs.


Although a wheel cart for a cat may seem as though it simply will be giving the cat extra "baggage" to carry around, these carts are designed to be extremely lightweight. Each wheel cart is designed with careful thought, allowing Kitty to move freely and easily throughout his environment. Cats even can get some impressive speed going if they desire to run around outside and enjoy nature's scenery.

Wheel Cart Schedule

A wheel cart can be worn by a cat to get around most of the time, but Mister Kitty will need a break from his wheels to lay down and rest. Most cats spend up to 18 hours a day drifting off in kitty la-la land and, needless to say, sleep is a very important part of a cat's life. Since getting to a litter box with ease is not an option with or without a wheel cart, wearing a diaper often is necessary for cats who use wheel carts. When they are off their wheels, they will scoot themselves around the floor using their front legs.

Paralyzed, But Still a Cat

Though a paralyzed cat has some disabilities in his way, he still is a cat and it should not be underestimated just how much he is capable of. A paralyzed cat still may be able to catch mice and most likely still will enjoy playing with favorite toys. Curiosity in fish, birds and plants will remain present in many cats. Paralyzed cats on wheel carts also have the ability to inspire human friends.

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