The Advantages of Joining a Fraternity


Joining a fraternity is a major decision for many college freshmen. You might go to school knowing that you want to become a frat brother. However, you might not realize all the opportunities fraternities offer. In some cases, fraternities recruit new students and convince them that fraternity life has a lot to offer.

Community within a Community

  • Colleges offer an on-campus community. Membership in a fraternity essentially makes you part of a smaller community within the bigger campus. Many schools offer fraternity houses where members live together under one roof. The tight knit bond and social opportunities fraternities offer is often a key draw for new members. You gain immediate access to brothers that can provide social support as you begin to navigate the waters of college academics and social life. Fraternities also commonly have social mixers and events.

Life Experiences

  • You often get a chance to experience things personally that you wouldn't without fraternity membership. Many memberships engage in professional development and community service projects that one individual could not experience alone. Community service helps build character and provides a great resume addition. Over time, you may also get leadership opportunities in house committees or as an officer as you become an older member.

Better Grades

  • Whether or not you join a fraternity, your grades are largely in your own hands. However, a fraternity can offer some support. While the media often projects the "party" culture of a fraternity, many have GPA requirements for members and hold study tables. Additionally, you can join a professional or academic-centered fraternity if academics are a priority for you. This opportunity allows you to connect with students that have similar academic goals.


  • Though you might not realize it as a first-year freshman, being in a fraternity helps you develop a personal and professional network that can provide benefits as you look for a job after graduation. Fraternities often have thriving alumni networks that you can connect with for potential job leads or introductions. Also, as members of your house graduate and move on, they may share insights on career opportunities in their organizations or in others. In addition, fraternities are part of the broader Greek life community on campuses, giving you greater access to personal connections during school.

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