What Can I Put on My New Carpet So My Puppy Will Not Chew It?

Appropriate chew toys are essential to prevent destructive chewing.
Appropriate chew toys are essential to prevent destructive chewing. (Image: Digital Vision./Photodisc/Getty Images)

Chewing in puppies comes naturally, because it's what they do to explore and investigate their surroundings and to ease discomfort during the teething process. If your new carpet falls victim to your puppy's teeth, there are several things you can put on it to make your puppy think twice about chewing it.

Unpleasant Texture

If your puppy is drawn to one particular area of the carpet, covering it with an unpleasant texture can prevent damage. Turning a carpet runner upside down and placing it over the area can keep your carpet safe, because your puppy won't like standing on the nubby surface. Sticking double-sided sticky tape on a piece of plastic or foil and taping it to the carpet can also deter your furry pal who'll dislike the sticky texture.

Unpleasant Taste

When your puppy chews the carpet, the taste of an unpleasant substance can stop him in his tracks. There are commercial products available that are meant for this purpose. Test the spray on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet, and if there's no adverse reaction, treat larger areas with it. Sprays with a citrus odor or a light sprinkling of cayenne pepper might also do the trick. Watch your puppy when you first use the taste aversive to ensure it's effective.

Commercial Devices

Various commercial devices can keep your pet companion away from the carpet. These devices detect your puppy's motion when he goes near the carpet and set off an alarm or spray that startles him. If your dog isn't shy or timid, balloons can be a more economical deterrent. Blow up a few balloons and pop one near your puppy so the noise startles him. Then place the remaining balloons on the off-limits carpet. Your puppy will think twice about going near the noisemakers.


Constant supervision when you're at home and using aversives or confinement when you're absent is essential to prevent your puppy's destructive chewing. In addition to this, providing chew toys or food-stuffed dog toys and redirecting your puppy to them the moment you catch him chewing the carpet can teach him right from wrong. Consider increasing your furry pal's physical and mental exercise, because this releases pent-up energy and can prevent boredom and undesired behaviors.

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