Exercise Band & the Hip Flexor Stretch


Because of the long hours typically spent sitting, the hip flexors have a tendency to get tight. When you’re sitting, the hip flexors, which are located at the front of your hips, are in a shortened position. Tight hip flexors can pull your spine forward, but regularly stretching your hip flexors with an exercise band can increase flexibility and thus help prevent postural problems.

Stretching Plan

  • According to ExRx.net, if your hip flexors are too tight, you’re at an increased risk of lower back injuries when you’re doing overhead standing movements. Tightness at the front of your hips can prevent your back from moving throughout its proper range of motion. If you go into a lunge and have difficulty bringing your trailing knee close to the floor, your hip flexors are too tight. Perform each stretch one to two times daily. For each of the following stretches, pull on the exercise band until you feel mild discomfort and hold that position for about 30 seconds. Perform two sets of each stretch.

Front-Lying Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Do the front-lying hip flexor stretch while lying face down on the floor. Bend one knee to bring your heel towards your butt and wrap the exercise band around that foot. Pull the band up over your shoulder and towards your head to bring your hip slightly up off the floor. Once you’re finished with the stretch, wrap the band around the other foot to stretch the other side.

Side-Lying Hip Flexor Stretch

  • You can perform the side-lying hip flexor stretch without any equipment, but using an exercise band can increase the effectiveness of the stretch. Lie on your side with both legs stacked on top of each other. Wrap the exercise band around your top foot and grip the ends with your hands behind your back. Pull the band up towards your head to bring your heel towards your glutes. You should feel a stretch at the front of your hips. After you’re finished, roll over and perform the stretch on the opposite side.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

  • During the kneeling hip flexor stretch, the exercise band is used to hold you in position. Attach both ends of the band to a stable object a couple feet up off the floor. While facing the band, kneel down in a split stance so that your front foot is on the floor. Wrap the band around you so that it rests right over your glutes. The exercise band should be taut. Push your hips forward and recline your torso back to feel a stretch at the front of the hip. You should feel it on the side of the leg that you’re kneeling on. Once you’re finished, switch leg position and perform the stretch on the other side.

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