The Best Dribbling Exercises


One of the most basic and important skills that you must develop to be a good basketball player is the ability to dribble. To be successful, you should be so good at dribbling that the basketball almost becomes an extension of your arm. Dribbling ability will not only enhance your individual skills but will also make you a better team player. Acquiring this talent requires consistent practicing of the best dribbling exercises.

Figure-8 Dribbles

  • In game situations, keeping your dribble low can make it difficult for the defense to take the ball away from you. Figure-8 dribbles consist of dribbling low to the ground with your knees bent around one leg and then around the other leg in a pattern of the number eight with the basketball as you dribble. Start out with slow, bigger dribbles, and as you become more comfortable, use many quick dribbles to go around your legs.

Between-The-Legs Dribble

  • Learning to dribble between your legs is important because it allows you to act as your own screener against the defense. To perform a between-the-legs dribble, assume a stationary position and dribble the ball between your legs. Starting with your right hand in front of you, dribble the ball between your legs and then switch it to your left hand behind you. Pull the ball in front of you with your left hand and repeat the movement to your right hand. As you improve, do this drill while walking up and down the court.

Double Ball Dribbling

  • By dribbling two basketballs, you will improve your hand-eye coordination and your ability to focus on more than one thing at a time. If you can master dribbling with two basketballs at the same time, dribbling one when you are doing other exercises or are playing in a game will seem much easier. You can alternate this drill by dribbling so that both basketballs hit the floor at the same time or so that one ball is hitting the floor as the other one is coming back up to your hand.

Blindfold Dribbling

  • The most important aspect of dribbling is the ability to keep your head up without constantly looking at the ground. Dribbling with your head up allows you to see open teammates and potential scoring opportunities. The ball is round and the floor is flat, so the ball will come back to you when you dribble it. Using a blindfold while practicing all dribbling exercises will make you a better dribbler and is a surefire way to keep you from looking at the basketball.

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