Can a Loud Noise Be Dangerous to Birds?

Lous noises can startle your bird.
Lous noises can startle your bird. (Image: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images)

While birds enjoy communicating with one another in loud, even screeching tones, sudden, unexpected shrill or sharp sounds can frighten them as well. In fact, prolonged exposure to excessive noise, or even regular bursts of sound, can have a potentially negative impact on your pet bird’s health.

Sources of Loud Noise

A variety of loud noises have the potential to scare your bird. For example, if your bird cage is in your living room and you regularly watch loud police dramas that include exchanges of gunfire, the staccato sounds from the TV can cause the bird stress and agitation. If you have children who regularly shout or play with the bird by sneaking up on it, scaring it or blasting it with loud toys, this too can potentially traumatize your pet.

Possible Health Issues

While sudden and unexpected noise can startle and shock a pet bird, it's more likely that constant exposure to repeated, sustained loud noises will stress your bird to a point it develops secondary health problems. For example, a bird that lives in a child's bedroom and is constantly subjected to loud music and a barrage of sounds from video games may begin stress plucking its feathers, as well as refusing to eat, which can compromise its immune system. This type of stress, built up over time, can result in chronic health problems.

How to Reduce Noise

Keep your bird in a location in your home where it's unlikely to be subjected to loud or startling sounds. This may be an out-of-the way bedroom or an alcove. You may also opt to invest in a heavy-duty cage cover that can help reduce noise so you can protect your bird if you live in an overly loud household. You can also make an effort to move your bird’s cage to a new location if you're going to have a party or significantly louder-than-normal activity or movement that could scare your bird.

Adaptation to Household Sounds

Birds are social creatures and they enjoy interaction with their human companions. They also can be kept company with a radio or television playing at low volume in the background. Don't try to eliminate sounds from your bird’s life altogether or he won't become well socialized. Rather, make an effort to interact with your bird regularly and acclimate him to common household activity while shielding him from more exuberant bursts of sound.

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