What Should I Know About Bulldog Puppies?

The bulldog loves to hang out with kids.
The bulldog loves to hang out with kids. (Image: Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

English bulldogs, commonly referred to in abbreviated form as bulldogs, are midsize companion canines from the United Kingdom. They are memorable for their stumpy bodies, wrinkles and relaxed temperaments. Although they are known for their sweet and pleasant behavior, they actually have bull-baiting pasts, hence their name.

Wrinkle-Free Babies

English bulldog puppies don't begin their lives sporting their classic wrinkles. Those come with a little time -- think a few weeks. As newborns, English bulldogs have smooth skin and fully shut eyes and ear canals.

Caesarian Section Whelping

Average sizes of canine litters vary greatly depending on breed. Smaller pooches tend to produce smaller litters. Experienced mothers tend to have bigger litters than first-time mommies. Litters of English bulldogs on average, however, consist of between four and five puppies -- moderate-size litters for a moderate-size breed. The majority of English bulldogs enter the planet via Caesarean section rather than natural birth. English bulldog breeding is often a rather pricey endeavor.

Challenging Training

Some doggie breeds are believed to be easier to train than others. Golden retrievers, Rottweilers, standard poodles and border collies are all examples of dogs who tend to respond quickly to training. English bulldog puppies, on the other hand, are often thought of as being more challenging.. With a patient instructor -- and plenty of positive associations in the form of playtime, toys and tasty treats -- English bulldog puppies can usually take to training pretty quickly, however. Gentle training styles are optimal for bulldog puppies.

Peppy Puppies

Many doggie lovers find English bulldogs appealing because of their famously serene and placid dispositions. Despite that, English bulldog puppies, like the vast majority of canine youngsters out there, often have boisterous, peppy and dynamic temperaments. Once they become fully mature, they usually rapidly calm down, and lounging around becomes one of their preferred pastimes.

Early Socialization

If you want your English bulldog to live peacefully alongside other pooches, start getting him used to company at a young age -- the puppy stage. English bulldogs who have lots of experience with their peers from young ages usually get along with fellow dogs well. Boy bulldogs who have scant experience interacting with others, however, might behave fiercely amongst each other, so take note. Socialization during the tender puppy months is a must.

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