Freezing Boneless Pork Roast


Boneless pork roast comes from the shoulder, leg or loin of the pig. The loin is leaner than other cuts, but most pork roasts are tender and juicy when prepared properly. You can freeze boneless pork roasts if you're not going to use the meat immediately or if the size makes a larger meal than your family can consume at one sitting.


  • Freeze fresh pork roasts within four days of purchase to prevent the raw meat from spoiling. Keeping the roast in the refrigerator can slow the growth of bacteria, but does not always eliminate the risk. Wrap the whole cut of pork in aluminum foil or plastic wrap to seal in juices. This is particularly important with pork loin, as it tends to dry out more quickly and than other cuts. Place the wrapped meat in an airtight container, such a large plastic or glass container or a zip-top bag. Fresh pork roast can stay in the freezer for as long as a year without going bad, but the meat will taste best when used within four to six months.


  • Save yourself some time in the kitchen by seasoning your fresh boneless roast before freezing it. Sprinkle herbs or rub a paste on all surfaces of the meat. Mustard, olive oil and a variety of herbs such as sage, rosemary and black pepper are classic flavorings that complement pork and seal in its tenderness. After seasoning the meat, wrap the roast in plastic and freeze in an airtight container. A preseasoned, raw pork roast can stay in the freezer for up to six months.


  • Freezing cooked pork roast keeps you from wasting food and provides your family with a quick, leftover meal when life gets busy. Slice the boneless roast -- the thickness of the slices depends on your individual preferences -- before freezing. Sliced meat cools more quickly than a whole roast, which holds off the growth of bacteria. You can freeze cooked pork roast dry or with gravy. Put the slices of pork roast into a plastic or glass airtight container, or a zip-top bag. Use cooked pork roast within two to four months.

Thawing Safety

  • Thaw boneless pork roast in the refrigerator to avoid the risk of food-borne illness. Whole roasts will usually take about 24 hours to thaw completely. Cooked slices of meat may thaw in just a few hours. Both raw pork and cooked, sliced roast should be heated to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. A cooked pork roast should be light pink in the center.

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