Volleyball Setting Exercises


The setter is undoubtedly one of the most important positions on the volleyball court. This is the player that positions the ball for the kill, getting it ready for the attackers to score. If you want to brush up on your setting skills to improve your game, there are several exercises you can do. Practicing these regularly will help elevate your team’s performance, setting up power plays and enabling your offense to run smoothly and effectively.

Overhead Set

  • This drill is simple yet highly effective in training a setter in proper technique and position, as well as consistency. Beginners in particular will benefit from regular overhead set practice, but even the more advanced players should incorporate this drill into their practices. To do it, just throw the ball up, get into position and set it over your head and repeating when the ball comes down.

Blocker Movement Drill

  • In addition to positioning the ball for their attackers, setters must also be alert to what opposing blockers are doing. To work on this skill, setters should practice the blocker movement drill, which requires both setting and visual skills. Three players are needed, including the setter, a middle blocker and a coach or another player to pass the ball. Have the setter get into position, ready to receive a ball from a passer in the backcourt. After this person tosses the ball, the blocker on the other side of the net moves right or left. The setter must then set the ball in the opposite direction.

Distance Control

  • Learning whether to do a low, medium or high set is another skill that successful setters must master. Volleyball is a game of speed, so setters must be able to quickly assess the play and move to get the ball into the best position for the attacker. Doing distance control exercises can help players learn how to set at different heights. Practice it by pairing up setters and having them do 20 to 50 repetitions each of low, medium and high sets to each other. This type of exercise, though it may seem repetitive, is effective in helping setters learn to manage the speed and distance of their plays.

Rapid Sets

  • This exercise works on setters’ speed and accuracy and is done with three players. Two players line up on one side of the net, with one in front middle position and the other in the back row. The third player is on the opposite side of the net with two volleyballs. This player tosses the first ball over the net to the player in the back row, who then passes to the setter. The setter then sets the ball to the player on the other side of the net. Meanwhile, that player should have already tossed the second ball while the back row player was passing to the setter. This rhythm is continued for several repetitions before players rotate positions. The goal is to teach players how to respond to rapid passes, as well as work on setting technique.

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