Rowing Ab Exercises


Rowing exercises can be performed with either a machine or a simple elastic tool with handlebars and straps for your feet. By emulating the movements you would perform in a kayak or canoe, both the machine and the elastic tools are ways to work out your abs in addition to your lower back, arms and legs.

Benefits of Stengthening Your Core

  • Your core is one of the most important parts of your body. By building it up and enhancing your abdominals, you are also improving your athletic performance and endurance. Those with strong cores are able to exercise longer and more intensely. From simple acts like sitting down or bending over to heavy lifting on the job to sports activities, having powerful abdominals is vital for your fitness. In addition, a strong core leads to a healthy, sturdy back and good posture. Strong abdominal muscles lead to better balance and greater stability, and they can also help prevent and ease back pain and discomfort.

Equipment and Form

  • Most rower exercises are performed with the elastic tool. In order for you to perform and see significant results with this instrument, it is important to ensure that you are using it correctly. Prior to use, make sure that the elastic band does not have any cuts, so as not to break it when you pull on it. Throughout your workout routine, do not lock your elbows, knees or shoulders. As you progress and continue using this exercise tool, gradually increase the difficulty of your routine. Perform each exercise for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your level of fitness.

The Seated Row

  • This exercise using the resistance band rowing tool targets your arms, back and abdominals. Sit on a mat with your legs in front of you, your knees slightly bent, and your ankles together. Sit up straight, with your feet in the straps, and bend forward at your hips, straightening out your arms and grasping the handlebars. As you exhale, bend your elbows and pull your fists in to your body until the handlebars are at both sides of your torso. Do not lean back from your hips, but rather arch your back and move your shoulders as you pull. As you inhale, straighten your elbows and return to your starting position. Be sure that your knees stay bent and your wrists stay straight throughout the exercise.

Double Leg Lift

  • This exercise exclusively works out your lower abs. Begin by placing your feet in the straps, and hold on to the handlebar as you lie on your back and extend your legs straight up into the air. Holding the handlebar over your chest with your elbows at your sides, slowly lower your legs toward the floor, moving them as far down as you can without arching your lower back. Then bring them up to your starting position. Ideally, as you continue this exercise you will be able to move your legs closer and closer to the floor.

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