The Advantages of Stationary Jogging


Lacing up your shoes and heading out for a jog is an effective way to burn calories and improve your overall fitness -- but if you'd rather work out in the privacy and comfort of home, stationary jogging is a suitable exercise. Not only is this exercise more convenient than traditional jogging, it can help you burn calories without taxing your joints.


  • Jogging is an aerobic exercise, regardless of whether you perform it outdoors, on a treadmill or on the spot. During this exercise, you elevate your heart rate and use a number of muscle groups. notes regular aerobic exercise can help you build a stronger, healthier heart, clear your arteries, improve your immune system, elevate mental well-being, increase your endurance and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Calories Burned

  • Stationary jogging is an effective way to burn calories to help you burn fat and develop a slimmer, more athletic body. My Fitness Pal notes a 155-pound person will burn 272 calories in 30 minutes of jogging in place. Whether you choose to jog on the spot for just a few minutes to energize your body in the morning or prefer an hour-long workout in the evening, this simple exercise can help you work toward the calorie deficit necessary to burn fat.

Convenient Morning Workout

  • "Mail Online" notes stationary walking and jogging is an effective morning exercise that you can add to your daily routine. While you might not be motivated to get dressed for an early-morning run or a trip to the gym, stationary jogging in your bedroom for just a few minutes offers a convenient alternative. This workout will provide oxygen-rich blood throughout your body and work several muscles including those in your legs and core to give you an awake, energized feeling. If your workday is largely sedentary, a short stationary jog before work is ideal.

Low Impact

  • The impact to your joints from jogging can range from low to high, depending on your shoes, running stride and the surface on which you exercise. Stationary jogging, however, can provide a low-impact workout, making it suitable for people with joint discomfort. Wear comfortable running shoes, jog primarily on your toes and the balls of your feet and exercise on a soft surface, such as foam or rubber mat.

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