Games: What Does Guard Spec Do in "Pokemon Silver"?


"Pokemon Silver," released for the Game Boy Color in 2000, was rereleased for the Nintendo DS in 2010 as "Pokemon SoulSilver." Outside of a graphical facelift, the two games share the same Pokemon, story and items, including the Guard Spec item. Knowing what this item does will give you an advantage in your future Pokemon battles, regardless of whether you are playing "Silver" or "SoulSilver."

Guard Spec

  • The Guard Spec item protects your Pokemon from any status changing moves during battle for up to five turns. This means that moves such as Tail Whip, which would normally lower your Pokemon's defense rating for the duration of the battle, will not work against your Pokemon. In addition, should an opposing Pokemon use the move against you while Guard Spec is active, it will prove ineffective, causing your opponent to waste his turn.

Differences Between "Silver" and "SoulSilver"

  • As a remake of "Pokemon Silver," "Pokemon SoulSilver" is almost identical to the original game except for a graphical overhaul, added new Pokemon and a few pieces of new content. All items, their functions, where to buy them and even their price all remain the same between the two games. The Guard Spec item is identical in every aspect in both "Pokemon Silver" and "Pokemon SoulSilver."

Where to Purchase

  • You can only buy the Guard Spec item in two towns: Goldenrod City and Celadon City. In Goldenrod City, the Guard Spec item costs 700 Pokedollars and is available on the third floor of the Goldenrod Department Store. In Celadon City, the Guard Spec item also costs 700 Pokedollars and is available on the fifth floor of the Celadon Department Store from the cashier on the right side of the floor.

How to Use

  • As a battle item, you can only use the Guard Spec item during battle. To use this item, select "Pack" in "Pokemon Silver" or "Bag" in "Pokemon SoulSilver" and select the Guard Spec item. The Guard Spec item disappears from your inventory once used and, after five turns, will wear off. An in-game message will display when the item wears off to let you know Guard Spec is no longer active. In addition, Guard Spec only works on the currently active Pokemon; if you switch Pokemon, the new Pokemon will not benefit from Guard Spec unless you use another one.

AI Advantage

  • Using Guard Spec against a human opponent will cripple the offensive capabilities of his Pokemon, but the item's real strength lies in using it against a computer opponent. As mentioned previously, using a status changing move on a Pokemon who is under the effects of Guard Spec will cause your opponent to waste his turn. The artificial intelligence of either game does not recognize this and will use status changing moves even when Guard Spec is active, causing a one-sided battle.

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