How to Improve Download Speed on Origin


Origin is EA's download client for PC games, and is required to download and install any products or downloadable content for EA games on the PC. While Origin can be an efficient tool for downloading new content, the size of new content often means a lengthy download time. There are several tips you can follow to try and maximize your Origin download speed.

Update Origin

  • Like most software, the Origin client sees periodic updates for stability, security and new features. Older versions of the client may not be compatible with software at EA or have limited compatibility, which can potentially slow download speeds. To ensure maximum compatibility, make sure your Origin client is completely up to date you begin a download.


  • Like any download, your Origin client is going to consume your network's bandwidth as it downloads a file. Any other programs downloading or transferring data over the network will also require bandwidth, thus leeching available resources that Origin could be using. With each additional task, the amount of bandwidth available for your Origin download continues to diminish. In order to maximize available bandwidth for your Origin download, limit bandwidth consuming activities like instant messaging, Web surfing, file downloads or online gaming while the download is progress. This applies to all computers sharing a network connection -- the problem is compounded with every additional computer connected to the network and draining resources.

Firewall and Router Ports

  • One other method of speeding up your Origin download is to allow Origin access to some ports in your software firewall and/or router. Allowing Origin access to certain ports will allow for maximum download speed, which may boost your speed from its current level. Open the following TCP Ports to Origin: 80; 443; 9960-9969; 1024-1124; 18000; 18120; 18060; 27900; 28910; 29900. Also, open the following UDP ports: 1024-1124; 18000; 29900. Consult your owner's documentation for opening ports, as instructions will vary from one firewall/router to the next.

Faster Connection

  • If with an up-to-date client, open ports and no other bandwidth consumption you still experience unsatisfactory download speeds, you may need to consider an alternative Internet service provider or higher tier of service. Maximizing speed is only effective up to the limit your ISP imposes; any attempt to exceed this speed will fail. If your maximum available download speed seems insufficient, then you'll either need to settle for a slower download rate or upgrade your service.

Unavoidable Slowdown or Inaccessibility

  • There are times when Origin downloads are going to be unavoidably laggy or unavailable. Issues at EA, such as server maintenance or outage, are usually the culprit. High demand can also be the problem, especially when an eagerly anticipated title first becomes available for download. If downloads are unusually slow despite all conditions being favorable, it might be best to try again later when a better connection is available.

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