The Best Place to Farm Money in "Final Fantasy XIII"


Money in the Final Fantasy universe is called gil. Gil is acquired by defeating enemies and by selling items from your inventory in stores. You can repeat certain Cie'th missions in order to farm gil at a faster rate. In Final Fantasy XIII, gil can be spent on items and equipment upgrades.


  • When you first reach the Archylte Steppe in Pulse, you will notice giant tortoise-like creatures roaming the environment. These are extremely difficult enemies that you wouldn't be able to defeat under normal conditions, however, Vanille's "Death" ability has a small chance of instantly vanquishing the monster. The adamantoise has a 25% chance of dropping a platinum ingot when defeated, which can be sold for 150,000 gil. Equip the Collectors Catalog to improve your chances of receiving this valuable item.

Chocobo Digging

  • Completing Cie'th mission 14 unlocks the ability to ride chocobos around Archylte Steppe. When navigating the environment, you will be able to dig for items, such as gold dust or a plush chocobo, in certain locations. All items you find can be sold in stores, with the plush chocobo fetching you 35,000 gil per sale. Following a pre-determined route increases your efficiency when digging for items (see link in Resources.)

Moonblossom Seed

  • Once you reach Taejin's Tower, you will be able to accept Cie'th mission 24, titled "A Potent Sting." Completing the quest is required to progress through the game. This mission can be completed quickly and rewards you with a moonblossom seed, which can be sold for 6,000 gil. You can repeat this mission as many times as you like in order to earn more seeds.


  • At the beginning of chapter 13, you will be able to fight a pack of sacrifice monsters. These enemies can be killed quickly and will reward you with perfume and scarletites, which can be sold for 12,500 and 7,000 gil respectively. You can repeat this battle as many times as required by walking away from the area and then returning. It's best to repeat this method before completing the game, as fewer sacrifice monsters will spawn post-game.

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