Elbow Strengthening With Dumbbells


Your elbow joint is controlled by two opposing types of muscles: flexors and extensors. Flexors such as your biceps and brachialis let you bend your arms, while extensors such as the triceps extend your arms. If you have access to a pair of dumbbells, you can do exercises for each of these muscles. Perform two exercises for the flexors and two for the extensors to strengthen your elbows. Do three sets per exercise and eight to 12 repetitions during each set.

Seated Dumbbell Curl

  • This exercise is mainly for your biceps. This is the two-headed muscle group you can see at the front of your arms. Sit on an exercise bench with back against the backrest and with your feet on the floor. Grip a dumbbell in each hand and put your arms by your sides. Turn your arms so the front part is facing forward. Curl the dumbbells by bending your elbows as much as possible. Contract your biceps at the peak of the exercise and then lower the dumbbells to return to the beginning.

Dumbbell Concentration Curl

  • The concentration curl directs the stresses to your brachialis. This muscle is located right under your biceps and can be seen from the outer side of your upper arm. Get in the same seated position as the seated curl but lean forward a bit. Hold only a single dumbbell. Start with your right hand. Put your right elbow over the inside of your right thigh with your right elbow extended. Curl the dumbbell as much as you can and concentrate on the contraction of your brachialis. Return the dumbbell back down. Repeat with your left arm when you finish the set with your right arm.

Close-Grip Dumbbell Press

  • This exercise works both your triceps and anconeus. The former is located at the back of your arm, and the anconeus lies over the back of your outer elbow area. To do close-grip dumbbell bench presses, begin by lying in a face-up position on the exercise bench with your feet on the floor. Hold dumbbell in each hand and raise them over your central chest area. Bring the dumbbells close together, but don't let them touch. Bend your elbows until the dumbbells are close to the center of your chest. Focus on your triceps extending during this motion. Then straighten your arms to raise the dumbbells back up, this time focusing on the contraction of your triceps.

Lying Dumbbell French Curl

  • This exercise also strengthens both the triceps and anconeus muscles of your elbows. Get in the same lying face-up position on the bench as the previous exercise, but this time keep the dumbbells apart at about shoulder-width. Bend your elbows until the dumbbells are lowered behind the top of your head. When you reach this position, extend your elbows to bring the dumbbells upward to the beginning.

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