The Best Location for a Home Fish Aquarium

Some aquariums can be placed into built-in stands or furniture designed to hold the weight.
Some aquariums can be placed into built-in stands or furniture designed to hold the weight. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Setting up a fish aquarium might seem easy enough, but it's important to choose the best location for it in your home. Consider all the necessary factors before filling your aquarium and adding fish, because moving a large tank is not always easy. You'll want to choose a spot where people can easily view the fish, but there are also other important factors to take into consideration.

Away from Light

Choose a spot away from direct sunlight coming in through windows or skylights. Bright sunlight provides excess heat and light that fish don't need. Some artificial lighting is fine, but extreme light is not ideal.

Enough Space

Put the aquarium in a space where there is enough room for maintenance and cleaning. Don't block the top or back of the aquarium where the filter and other devices are set, because they require space and ventilation.

Structural Integrity

If you have a large (and heavy) aquarium of more than 30 gallons, be sure to consider whether or not the floor is sturdy enough to hold the weight. This is especially important on upper floors, where extreme weight might cause structural damage to the building.

Away from Vents

Any drastic temperature changes can disrupt the regulated temperature within the aquarium. Choose a location where a heating or cooling vent is not blowing directly at the set-up. Also keep the aquarium away from doors and windows that you frequently open and close.

Near Outlets

Choose a spot near electrical outlets for plugging in the aquarium's components to avoid having to use extension cords, which can be dangerous. If your aquarium has a filter, lights and other electrical elements, you might need two or more outlets nearby.

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