Office Exercises to Avoid Sleepiness


No matter how bright eyed and bushy tailed you are when you show up at the office in the morning, by mid-afternoon, sleepiness could start to take over. Your body is driven by your circadian rhythm, or your inner clock, which naturally takes you from high to low energy during the day. Mid-afternoon is one of the lowest times. To combat the drowsiness that steals your productivity, perform exercises at the office so you don't fall asleep on the job.

Snap Out of It

  • The moment you feel your eyes start to flutter from sleepiness, get up from your desk. Even the act of standing will rouse you out of your stupor; but don’t stop there. Perform a couple of lunges, first with your right leg and then with your left. And even though you’re exercising in the confined space of your cubicle, watch your form. Switch to squats and really put the big muscles in your legs to work in order to feel energized. After a minute of lunges and squats you’ll feel alert and ready to work again.

Bust a Move

  • Perform at least a minute of jumping jacks every hour in the afternoon. As long as you ignore the surprised looks on your co-worker's faces, this exercise will rev up your system and allow you to plow through the rest of your work wide awake. Walking, high-stepping or running on the spot in your cubicle for a minute at the top and bottom of the hour will also help you to avoid sleepiness. To get the most out of these exercises, pump your arms as you march on the spot.

Sitting Room Only

  • Depending on your office rules, it may not be possible for you to get up from your chair for any reason other than to visit the restroom. If that's the case, you can easily perform energy-inducing exercises while sitting down.. Raise your hands above your head and pump your arms with vigor for up to a minute. Or, raise your arms to shoulder level for a Kundalini yoga move during which you raise and lower your arms a few degrees very quickly as if you were flapping your wings.

No Yawning

  • Yogic breathing techniques can either calm you or energize you. If you're feeling sleepy at the office, you'll want to perform the enlivening Breath of Joy. Standing far away from any obstructions like your cubicle walls, you simply fling your arms up to the front, while sniffing sharply through your nose. Fling your arms out to the sides while taking another short, sharp sniff and then up to the front again while sniffing sharply. At the end, take a bow and exhale with a loud “ha” through your open mouth. Perform as many rounds of Breath of Joy as you want.

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