Can Hot Yoga Make Your Arms Smaller?


Hot yoga, a type of practice conducted in a heated room, can help transform your body in many ways. You might wonder if hot yoga, or Bikram yoga, can make your arms smaller. While hot yoga does not target one specific body area, it can contribute toward fat burning and weight loss. In doing so, it may help promote leaner, more defined arms.

About Hot Yoga

  • Hot yoga takes place in a heated room -- typically 105 degrees F and 40 percent humidity -- with each class lasting approximately 90 minutes. Each of the 26 poses, or asanas, is held for roughly two minutes, requiring balance and muscle contraction. Proponents of this style of yoga claim that it decreases the risk of injury, promotes healthy circulation and improved joint mobility, and encourages the body to release toxins.

Asanas to Work the Arms

  • Several of the asanas used in hot yoga benefit the arms. Eagle, Standing Head to Knee, Balancing Stick, Cobra and Bow poses help firm various muscles in the arms. These postures might target the arms, however, yoga alone will not make your arms smaller. It will increase the muscle tone under fat located in your arm; this will make you stronger and may help you lose fat by burning calories.

Hot Yoga and Arm Fat Reduction

  • To make your arms smaller using hot yoga, decrease the number of calories you consume while continuing to include hot yoga in your weight-loss plan. You may also wish to introduce additional exercise into your routine in order to burn more calories. Your arms will appear smaller -- or thinner and more well-defined -- as you lose weight. To do this, you must burn more calories than you ingest. You will lose 1 pound of weight when you have a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories.


  • Whether you want to try hot yoga to make your arms smaller or to improve your overall health, consult your physician first. Hot yoga can prove dangerous if you have heart problems or if you experience heat stroke easily. Avoid hot yoga if you are pregnant. Hot yoga makes your body sweat, so if you do take a hot yoga class, be sure to take plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

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