What Can Exercises Do for Your Appearance?


Regular exercise not only lowers your risk of developing several chronic diseases, it also does a lot of good for your appearance. More than likely, exercise is your key to getting the body you want. It enhances your figure and keeps your weight in check, and it even makes your skin and hair look better. Consult with your doctor before you start a new exercise program.

Manage Your Weight

  • MayoClinic.com recommends getting at least half an hour of exercise each day to lose excess weight and keep it off. High-intensity workouts, like running, cycling, or playing tennis or basketball, burn the most calories and have the best benefits for weight management. If you can't squeeze in a 30-minute workout on a busy day, do as much physical activity as you can using tricks like climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator and walking or biking to work or school.

Improve Posture and Look Slimmer

  • Exercise can improve your posture and even make you taller, according to Texas Back Institute orthopedic surgeon Dan Bradley, MD. He says yoga and Pilates, in particular, improve your posture and increase your height because they have you simultaneously stretching and strengthening your muscles. By reversing hunching of the upper back and reversing swayed backs, these types of exercise lengthen your body and add height, giving you the appearance of being both slimmer and taller. Besides doing yoga and Pilates, doing upper-back strength training with free weights and machine weights also helps you straighten out your back.

Improve Skin

  • Exercising increases blood circulation, which stimulates your body's natural detoxification process and skin cell regeneration. It makes your skin healthier, which improves its appearance and gives it a beautiful glow. However, it's important to remove your make-up before working out, and wash your skin after working out to remove oils and any toxins removed from sweat. Stay well-hydrated when exercising to keep your skin from dehydrating. If your skin gets dry, apply moisturizer.

Make You Look Younger

  • By improving your quality of sleep and helping you fall asleep faster, regular exercise helps you get the beauty sleep your face needs to recover from the stresses and elements you experience each day. According to sport psychologist Jack Raglin, PhD, anxiety, sadness and fear drain your energy and show on your face. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, about 20 percent of American adults suffer from anxiety. Luckily, Raglin says, exercise is a natural cure for mild to moderate anxiety -- it's like taking a tranquilizer that boosts your mood for hours after your workout.

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