What Does Mitted Mean for Cat's Feet?

The tuxedo is a type of mitted cat.
The tuxedo is a type of mitted cat. (Image: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

If you have ever had a cat named Socks, Boots or Mittens for his little white paws, he was a mitted cat. "Mitted" means just what it implies: it looks like Kitty is wearing mittens. This is not to be confused with the term "pointed," which refers to colored paws.

Definition of Mitted

The term "mitted" simply means that a cat has white feet. He may or may not have a white chest and stomach also. If he does, he is considered a tuxedo cat. This term comes from the impression that he is wearing a tuxedo. The other color of tuxedo cats' coats can be black, grey, tabby or even calico.

Different from Pointed

Cats who have feet that are not white, but are a different color than other parts of their coats are called pointed. The term "pointed" refers to the same color on the face, paws and tail, and a different color on the rest of the coat. Siamese and Himalayan coats are the most common examples of points.

Different from Mitten Cats

There also is a difference between mitted cats and mitten cats. The term "mitten" refers to polydactyl cats, those who have more than 5 toes on their feet. They are called this because their feet resemble mittens with thumbs made into them. They also are called "Hemingway cats" because author Ernest Hemingway loved them and they continue to inhabit his home today.

Mitted Breeds

Among purebred cats, the Snowshoe and Ragdoll are the most likely to be mitted. Domestic shorthair, medium hair and long hair cats also frequently are mitted.

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