Packing for a School Bus Trip


School trips allow children to draw connections between in-class curriculum and practical matters in real-life, says educator Linda Mayger. When packing for a school bus trip consider the basics, and what your child may need in case of an emergency. There may also be additional items needed for the trip, such as binoculars, a compass or a pen and pad. Taking the time to brainstorm essentials, along with asking your child to assist you in packing for the trip, should ensure that he will be well prepared to enjoy a day out of class with friends.

Lunch and Snacks

  • If your child's school doesn't provide food for a school bus trip, then the first items to consider packing are your child's lunch and snacks. Pack favorite foods and be sure to include healthy items too, such as fresh fruits and low-fat sandwiches. Speak with your child about the importance of eating healthy foods, too, so that she doesn't trade in her celery sticks for chocolate chip cookies.


  • Pack a small book or electronic item, such as a game system -- with the permission of your student's teacher -- for him to use on the school bus whenever there's downtime from socializing with his classmates. You can also pack a pencil and sketch pad and encourage your little one to draw images of things he sees outside while traveling to his destination. Packing something fun to do for your child will help quell any boredom on the school bus.

Change of Clothing

  • It's helpful to pack a change of clothing for your child -- especially if she's in preschool or early elementary school -- in the event that her clothes are soiled while she's on a school trip. It's helpful to include at least a shirt and pair of pants or shorts in case your child needs to change her clothing. Make your child's teacher aware of the fact that you have packed extra clothing for your child. Try not to add too many extra garments because this will make your child's bag heavy and uncomfortable to carry.


  • If your child takes medications, pack them and inform his teacher that these items are in his possession -- you may need to send in medications ahead of time, so check with school administrators about this policy. Most schools require that you fill out paperwork that authorizes school officials to administer any medications to your child, so make sure that you complete this paperwork as well. Check his school's website for the necessary medical documentation. If your child needs to take any foods or beverages with his medication, be sure to include these as well.


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