How Long Does It Take a Newborn Puppy to Stand Up?

Puppies enter the world as pretty helpless creatures.
Puppies enter the world as pretty helpless creatures. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Although some types of animals, such as baby elephants and horses, start their lives knowing how to walk pretty much right off the bat, newborn puppies aren't part of that category. Despite that, young pups still develop the ability to stand and walk around a lot sooner than human babies.

Crawling and Standing Up

When a newborn puppy is roughly 18 days old, you may begin to notice the first glimmers of mobility in the form of crawling around, according to the Humane Society of El Paso. The crawling around essentially serves as a precursor to standing up, which generally occurs a few days later, when puppies are around 21 days in age.

Other Developmental Milestones

If you're waiting with bated breath for your newborn puppy to begin standing and walking like a "big boy," be attentive to other developmental milestones that wee pooches typically display around the same basic time frame. These key milestones include both the exploration of random items using their paws and the beginning of serious littermate playtime, if the puppy isn't separated from the rest of his siblings, that is. Puppies that are approximately 3 weeks old tend to be quite frolicsome amongst themselves, with lots of tail nibbling.

Full Mobility in Puppies

When a young puppy reaches the 1-month landmark, you might not only notice that he's walking around, but that he also can run. He may even spend a lot of time chasing after his littermates -- all in good fun, of course. At this point, puppies are usually bundles of boundless and unstoppable energy.

Walking With Your Puppy

Once your puppy is familiar with the concept of sporting a collar and is properly leash trained, you can start taking him on brief outdoor walks for beneficial exercise. Speak to your veterinarian regarding any possible shots your puppy may need before taking him out into public, however. Puppies usually require initial shots when they're approximately 6 weeks old, notes the ASPCA. While your pup is still so young, it is crucial to always practice exercise in moderation. Immoderate physical activity in growing pooches can bring upon negative consequences in the little ones' future musculoskeletal functioning, warns the RSPCA. Do not encourage your puppy to run or walk rapidly during the walks.

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