Why Do Teenagers Need Their Fathers?


Male role models are critical for teenagers, both boys and girls. During adolescence, children are learning important lessons about life and as they try to work out their place in the world, they look to the adults in their life for guidance. Not all teenagers grow up with their fathers, of course, but other men in their lives, including stepfathers and uncles, can be positive male role models.

Fathers and Sons

  • A father is a teenage boy's role model for how to behave. Even if it appears that the teen is not paying attention to what his father is doing, he will be influenced by how his father behaves, how he treats his wife, daughters and other women in his life, and how he copes with life's challenges. Teenage boys need their fathers to set good examples to them by being positive influences, according to an article on the online magazine The Father Life.

Fathers and Daughters

  • A teenage girl looks to her father for guidance on how she should be treated. If a father wants his teenage daughter to have high self-esteem and expect respect from others, he needs to treat her this way. According to Psych Central, a teenager girl is influenced by how her father treats her and her mother. Teenage girls need their fathers to demonstrate how they should be treated, which will help them develop into confident, secure adults.

Time and Attention

  • Teenagers need time and attention from their fathers. Even the busiest of fathers need to make the effort to spend quality time with their kids, or their relationship will suffer. A teenager who feels that her father does not care enough to make time for her might suffer from low self-esteem, according to a 2011 report by Addaction, a British drug and alcohol treatment charity.

Emotional Support

  • Fathers should be a source of support for their teenagers, and not just financially. Getting teens to open up about their feelings and problems can be a challenge, but making the effort to do so will benefit both father and child. Getting to know a teenager's friends and romantic interests and showing an interest in what is going on in his life will strengthen the bond between father and teen, according to The Father Life article. The closer a father is to his teen, the more likely the teen is to turn to him for support and advice when he is in times of trouble.


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