Activities for Honoring Fathers


Father's Day only comes once a year, but a dad plays an essential role in his children's lives from the moment they are born. Talk to your kids about the importance of showing honor and respect to their father. Brainstorm little ways you as a family can show dad appreciation for all he does -- at work and at home. If nothing else, make sure dad gets lots of hugs and kisses when he walks in the door every evening.


  • Put on your aprons and whip up a special treat just for dad. Kids can help you make their father's favorite meal or you can come up with your own invention to surprise him. Make a pizza and ask your toddler to use pepperoni, mushrooms and other toppings to make a portrait of her father. Older kids can write dad's best attributes on sugar cookies using edible food markers. It's a good opportunity for a vocabulary lesson. Dad is not just funny, he's comical.


  • Ask your kids to brainstorm all the little things dad does to make the household run smoothly. Perhaps he takes out the garbage and weeds the flower beds every week. Make a list of dad's chores and divide them up among yourself and the children. Complete all the work before he gets home so he can kick up his feet and relax for an evening.


  • The ways you can honor dad with colored paper, markers, glue, stickers and other odds and ends from the craft drawer are nearly limitless. Write "dad" in big block letters on a sheet of paper. Have a child glue pictures of himself and his siblings inside the letters. Show a kid how to make a trophy for her father out of modeling clay. Showcase the trophies on the dining room table or a prominent bookshelf.


  • In a technological age, the art of letter-writing is almost lost. A child can fashion a simple mailbox out of a cardboard shoe box. Encourage each kid to write dad a little note every day. One might tell him about his favorite memory or thank him for being a wonderful father. Leave the notes in the mailbox for dad to read every evening after work. Seeing words of honor and gratitude in writing will certainly warm a father's heart.


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