Confirmation Activities for Children


Many churches offer classes for kids in fifth grade or higher who are interested in joining the church as full members. The classes, known as confirmation classes, help the kids understand what it means to be a Christian by learning about church history and the history of their denomination. Confirmation activities make the classes interactive and more interesting to children.

What is Worship?

  • According to the Bible, Jesus Christ said the greatest commandment is to worship God with all your heart, mind and strength. Children might not understand what worship is or how to worship God. You can walk your child through the elements of worship, such as acknowledging God’s holiness and authority, praying, gaining wisdom from the Bible and listening to music that gives praise to God. Your child can create a worship service he can use during home devotionals or perform with members of his confirmation class. He can also talk about ways he can create a personal worship time at home using Bible readings, prayer, confession, music and meditation.

Confirmation Retreat

  • Some churches have a retreat for the confirmation class so the kids can spend time learning about the church. Your child can learn how to pray at the retreat. She can study the miracles of Jesus and some of the parables he told, such as the stories of the good Samaritan or the good shepherd. The retreat helps your child become more familiar with the Bible and recognize important truths such as loving God with all her heart, mind and strength and loving her neighbor as herself. She can participate as the class finds a service project, such as cleaning the nursery, making sandwiches for a homeless shelter or helping to arrange the food in the food pantry so workers can better assist families who need nutritional assistance.


  • Communion is a common sacrament in many denominations. Your child can read about the Last Supper at Matthew 26:26-30, Mark 14:22-26, Luke 22:14-38 and John 13:-17:26. Your child can compare the liturgy used during communion to the four Gospel readings, finding where each of the passages come from. Your little one can take communion with his classmates. You or the minister can explain the symbolism of each element. Your child can draw each of the elements as they are laid out on the altar. During the confirmation service, your child can participate in the ritual.

Baptism and Membership Vows

  • Parents took the baptismal vows for children who were christened as infants or young children. Your child can look at the vows and prepare to take them for herself. She can illustrate Jesus’ baptism from Luke 3:15-22. Your child might talk to the pastor about being baptized if she wasn’t baptized as a young child or if she wants to be baptized before she takes the membership vows as a confirmand.


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