Cats Who Sneeze After Excessive Running and Playing


Sometimes after Simba spends his afternoon in the great outdoors, he strolls in for dinner while sneezing continuously. Cats sneeze for all kinds of reasons after excessive play. Get him to the veterinarian pronto to ensure the sneezing isn't caused or exacerbated by a serious medical ailment.


  • Much like you, your feline buddy can have an array of allergies that trigger sneezing. After a rough play session, rolling around in the grass with Felix from next door, Simba may just start sneezing repetitively. Cats can have seasonal allergies triggered by grass, pollen, ragweed and mold among other causes. Cat can be allergic to pests, including fleas. You'll know it if Simba has an underlying flea allergy -- when he gets bit by one, his immune system will go into attack mode, leading to an all-out sneezing session. Meanwhile, he may even be allergic to something he’s eating. Maybe he wanders over next door and nibbles from Felix’s food dish, causing his allergies to flare up. Maybe the substance affecting him is an ingredient in his daily diet. Allergies can be tough to figure out on your own, but your vet can help you get to the root of the problem.

Inhaling Irritants

  • Something out in your yard might be making Simba sneeze every time he breathes it in. For example, if you have a lot of uncovered dirt in your yard, gusts of wind can cause dust to fly up in the air. As Simba races by, he takes a big whiff, making him sneeze as soon as he enters the house. Lawn fertilizer, pest sprays or smoke from the chimney could cause your lovable fluffball to sneeze uncontrollably after an intense outdoor play session.

Kitty Colds

  • When Simba runs around and plays with Felix next door, he can catch a kitty cold, making him sneeze when he walks in the door. Upper-respiratory-tract infections are highly contagious; if Felix is sick, he can easily get your fur ball sick. If Simba’s nose is runny, if he coughs or if he has gunk in the corners of his eyes -- and he's having sneezing fits -- he could be coming down with a bug. In this case, your vet will most likely give Simba medication to help him recover.

Other Causes

  • If Simba recently had an intranasal vaccine at the vet, a rambunctious play session could have nothing to do with his sneezing. Some kitties sneeze for up to a week after getting these types of vaccines, according to WebMD. Sneezing can also be tied to an oral infection from a tooth. If Simba has a bad root or breaks a tooth while roughhousing with Felix in the yard, the infection can spread through his nasal cavity, making him sneeze frequently. Pawing at his face and refusing to eat are further clues that something may be off along his gum line.

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