Safety of Teenagers at Rap Concerts


Most parents dread the time when their teenagers want to go to concerts without supervision. Rap concerts are a particular cause for concern: according to Crowd Management Strategies, rap concerts are the most violent of all types of concerts. If your teen loves rap music and is desperate to go to a concert, help him prepare in advance to ensure he behaves sensibly during the gig.

Forward Planning

  • The more prepared your teen is for the concert, the safer he will feel, and the less worried you will be. Help your teen make a few basic plans in advance. If you're collecting him at the venue to bring him home, agree on a meeting point and write it down if there's a chance he'll forget. Thousands of people go to rap concerts and the parking lots can be extremely busy. Your teen should take his cell phone and keep it in an inside pocket. If it is a prepaid phone, make sure it has plenty of credit and all necessary numbers stored in the phone memory. Ensure your teen talks to his friends before the concert to agree where to meet inside the venue if they get separated.


  • If your teen, or one of her friends, is driving to the concert, check that the designated driver is responsible and knows not to drink alcohol or do drugs. Make sure they set off in plenty of time, know exactly where they are going and have enough gas to get there and back. Advise them to make a note of where they park the car, either on paper or stored in a cell phone. Remind them not to give any stranger a lift, no matter how friendly he appears to be.

Medical Help

  • All rap concert venues have a first aid area to treat those who are ill or injured. Ask your teen to locate this area as soon as he arrives at the concert. If he feels unwell at any point, he should seek assistance immediately. It's common for concert goers to over-heat or feel faint or dizzy, due to the huge crowd, loud music, flashing lights and natural adrenalin pumping through their bodies. Taking some time out in a relatively quiet, peaceful area and having a drink of water will help your teen feel better.

Exercising Caution

  • It's natural for your teen to get caught up in the excitement of the rap concert and want to throw caution to the wind. Explain to her that the more sensible she is, the more she will enjoy it. She might like the idea of getting right to the front of the crowd, but this puts her in danger of getting crushed. She may think it would be thrilling to wander off on her own, but in doing so she would risk losing her friends and spending the rest of the night trying to find them in the huge crowd. Sit down with her before the gig and talk through all potentially dangerous scenarios.


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