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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, one of the major points of teen development is the push towards an almost adult-like sense of independence. Instead of sticking to what Mom and Dad want him to do, the teenager has his own sense of what he likes and dislikes when it comes to hobbies. While it may seem like there's an almost endless amount of hobbies available to adolescents, there are some that are more typical to teens than others.


  • While you might shudder at the thought of your teen playing video games or logging screen time on the computer, technology is here to stay. Although too much time spent on electronics can have negative consequences -- the American Academy of Pediatrics notes that screen time can lead to aggressive behaviors or obesity -- in moderation, these hobbies are typical for many teens. Additionally, using electronics for educational activities such as researching school topics online can actually help your teen to learn and develop.


  • Whether your teen plays soccer for the school team or enjoys a game of pick-up basketball with friends at the local community court, sports are healthy hobbies that are typical for many adolescents. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics' Healthy Children website, sports participation can build self-confidence, increase physical abilities and bolster social skills. Although there is certainly an abundance of competitive sports at the high school level, these may often seem more like work or pre-professional training than a hobby. Typical hobby-type sports include more laid-back athletics such as intramural sports at school or neighborhood or social circle play.


  • As your teen's dexterity and eye-hand coordination develops, along with the maturation of her artistic side, she may enjoy crafting as a hobby. Hobby crafts that teens may try include an array of art projects such as scrapbooking, mosaic-making or jewelry projects. Additionally, teens may enjoy crafting hobbies that have to do with clothing, fashion, sewing and design. These are hobbies that can help your teen to explore her interest in a potential career in the fashion industry.


  • During the teen years, your child may become somewhat serious about one specific interest that he has. This can turn into a collecting hobby. If your teen starts to collect his favorite comics, keeps magazines or begins to store interesting coins that he finds, don't worry that he is morphing into a hoarder. It's common, and typically entertaining, for a teen to collect something that is important to him. Your adolescent's growing maturity and ability to categorize items can lead to a systematic organization-fueled hobby.


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