Solid Red Light Problem on the Samsung Model T1953H


The LED light is a sign of the current status of the television. The fact that it stays on after you press the power button or are watching the TV may be a sign of an electrical problem. The Samsung Model T1953H is a LCD unit. It has a power board and circuitry that can malfunction. The key to figuring out why the LED light stays solid red is to examine any other symptoms that point toward a mechanical problem.

LED Light

  • One thing the bright LED tells you is that the TV has power. This means if the Samsung does not turn on, the problem is not with the original power source. The wall outlet is working properly. From there, just a solid light does not tell you much. The light itself is not enough to identify the problem with the unit. One factor that might be significant is if the TV turns on and how long it takes to power up.

TV Turns On

  • If your television turns on quickly and appears to be working normally, the light may be the issue. A small short in the sensor mechanism may be causing the problem. A sustained red light by itself may be meaningless. Look for other symptoms that might indicate there is a problem; for example, if the television is hot to the touch. Some heat is normal, but if the TV feels hotter than usual, this plus the red light can indicate a problem with overheating that can the damage internal hardware.

Slow Power Up

  • LCD televisions such as the T1953H rely on intricate circuitry to function. A TV that is slow to power on and has a sustaining LED light may be at the beginning stage of breaking down. If you were to open the case up on the TV, you would see a power board and different forms of capacitors soldered in place. A capacitor is a small, electrical component that stores energy in order to help control the power flow. If you hear clicking as the Samsung tries to power on, the problem will be with one or more of the capacitors. In this case, you should see the solid LED as a warning sign of impending failure.

No Power Up

  • Obviously, if the television will not power up, this is the reason for the steady LED light. Changing out a bad capacitor may be the solution. To test this theory, you can unplug the television and take off the back panel. The electrolytic capacitors are round objects that protrude from the board. They look something like batteries. The tops of the capacitors should be flat. If they bulge or tent upward, the capacitor is blown. Replacing this part would require knowledge of electronics and soldering. The safest and most effective option is to have the television serviced by a technician.

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