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Yahoo! group owners, moderators and members often create tables of data for group members to review. A table is a list of information important to the group presented in a traditional table format with two or more columns and multiple rows. Typically, any problems you might have with a Yahoo! group database table result from not understanding the basic table tools or table limitations.

Table Creation

  • Table creation in a Yahoo! group is a simple process, as all table creation tools are clearly labeled, clickable buttons and links and basic form-style fields. To create your first table, you should select "Database" on your group screen, click "Create Table," and select the "(Empty)" template or a predesigned option such as "Simple Phone Book," "FAQ" or "Orders." On the screen that opens, enter a table name and description, set limits for who can add tables to the group, edit or delete records or edit tables, and then enter titles for your columns. After you make these selections, click "Create Table" to finish.

Adding and Deleting Records

  • Once you've created your table, you can add and remove data from it as desired. To add a information one record at a time, you should click "Database" and then click your table's name to open it, click "Add Record," enter data for each table column in the fields, and click "Add Record." To delete a specific record, you should open the table and click "Delete" in the Actions column to the far right of the record.

Import and Export Data

  • You can also quickly import or export table data. To import data, you should open your table, click "Import Records," select a delimiter such as a comma or semi-colon from the drop-down menu to separate the data in each or row by column, and then enter a row of data into the "Import Data" box with the delimiter you chose separating the data. For example, a row for a table with names and ages columns separated by a semi-colon would appear as "Jamie; 34" or "Helen; 59." After the first row, press "Return" or "Enter," enter additional data by row, click "Preview Import," and then click "Import Data." To export data, you should open the table that has data you want to export, click "Export Table" and copy the exported information that appears on the next screen to use as desired.


  • As of the time of publication, you can create up to 10 tables in a Yahoo! group. Each table can have 10 columns or 1,000 rows. If you have difficulty, you should check that you haven't reached the table limits. To change the policies for access after you create a table, you should click "Database," click "Edit" to the right of the table name, change the policies on the screen that opens and click "Save Table." If you can't edit a table and you're not a group administrator, contact the group owner or moderator to request editing permission.

Additional Help

  • Yahoo! regularly updates the Yahoo! Groups and table tools. When you need general help, or help with a new tool or feature, you should click the "Database Help" link on the main Database screen, enter search keywords in the provided field, and then click "Search Help." If you still can't find the information you need, click "Contact Yahoo!" in the "How Can We Help?" section on the right side of the search screen, and follow the on-screen instructions to request additional assistance.

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