Will NETGEAR Routers Work on Qwest?


Qwest Internet provided DSL services; it was purchased by CenturyLink in 2011. Although CenturyLink offers its own routers for sale or rent with Internet service packages, the company allows customers to use existing routers to avoid the extra expense. Before you opt to use a NETGEAR router with CenturyLink services, consider the ramifications in terms of service and support and measure them against your abilities and Internet requirements.

Router Support

  • Although CenturyLink allows you to use NETGEAR routers, their technical support team does not offer assistance with the configuration. You must either handle the configuration on your own or contact NETGEAR for support; if your router is out of warranty or no longer manufactured by NETGEAR, this can be a difficult and time-consuming process. If you are completely unfamiliar with home networking, it will be less frustrating to go with a CenturyLink router.

Using NETGEAR Routers

  • When you use a NETGEAR router with CenturyLink Internet service, you will be responsible for configuring the router. CenturyLink offers an online setup guide (see Resources for a link). The website will ask for details about your operating system and NETGEAR router; be prepared with an Ethernet cable for setup purposes.

Internet Speed

  • Technically, any type of NETGEAR router will work with CenturyLink, but the individual model will affect the performance. NETGEAR places speed caps on its routers. Keep in mind that your Internet speeds will be limited to what your router can handle. If you have an older NETGEAR router with a fast CenturyLink package, you may experience sluggish Internet.

Wireless Signal

  • If you experience a weak or intermittent signal when using a NETGEAR router on CenturyLink, the problem is probably not with the router or Internet service but with the environment. According to CenturyLink, the range for an indoor wireless router ranges from 50 to 300 feet. For the strongest signal, your router should be placed in a central location, away from metal objects, microwaves, cordless phones and other devices that emit radio frequencies. The closer your router is to the computer, the better the signal will be.

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