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When attempting to connect to Yahoo Messenger, you may occasionally encounter a "Server DNS Error" message. DNS, an acronym for "Domain Name System," is a service that creates the ubiquitous Internet Protocol addresses that identify every computer connected to a public or private network. DNS errors can cause your Web browser to be non-responsive or prevent you from accessing online services such as Yahoo Messenger. Troubleshooting steps include changing your proxy server settings, changing your network connection or using a messenger client compatible with your computer’s operating system.

Disable Proxy Server Settings

  • If an DNS error message displays when you attempt to use Yahoo Messenger, adjusting your proxy server settings may rectify the issue. A proxy server stands between your computer and a remote Web server, and it directs content from the Web to your computer securely without exposing you directly to the Internet. If your local area network or LAN is secure and your proxy server has a high level of security as well, DNS errors and other glitches may occur. Proxy server settings in Internet Explorer can be disabled by clicking “Tools | Internet Options | Connection," and then checking all options under "LAN Settings." In Firefox, click "Tools," then "Options," and under "Advanced," click "Network Settings." Check "Direct Connection to the Internet" and uncheck all the other settings. In Chrome, click the "Wrench" icon on the toolbar; then click "Under the Hood" under "Options" and click "Change Proxy Settings." Under "Network," click "LAN Settings" and uncheck the "Automatically Detect Settings" option.

Check Network Connection

  • You may be getting a "Server DNS Error" message when you attempt to access Yahoo Messenger because your DNS settings are incorrect. You can fix this by resetting your Internet connection. Turn off your computer and then disconnect your modem and router. Wait 10 seconds. Reconnect your computer and turn it on. If the error condition persists, connect your computer directly to the modem. Then reconnect your router and run the network connection troubleshooter on your computer. Your operating system should correct the erroneous DNS settings.

Java Messenger for Linux Users

  • You may encounter a DNS error when trying to use Yahoo Messenger because your computer's operating system is not compatible with Yahoo Messenger. This is a common problem for Linux users, according to Yahoo, and Linux users can make Yahoo Messenger connections by using Java Messenger. This application does not require a download; it is accessible at Yahoo Mail in your Web browser, and it works on any operating system.

Yahoo! Mail

  • If you use Yahoo Web Messenger, which lets you use Messenger in your browser rather than via a program on your computer, you may run into a DNS error. Yahoo Messenger for the Web was integrated into Yahoo Mail as of November 2011. To access it, log in to your Yahoo Mail account and click the triangle next to "Online Contacts." Your buddy list will appear. Click on the name of the contact with whom you wish to chat and an instant message window will open on your screen.

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