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FileZilla is an open-source FTP -- or file transfer protocol -- program. In other words, you can install FileZilla on your computer and use it to upload files to any Web host that supports FTP transfers. If FileZilla won't open on your computer, you're either using an old operating system or your copy of FileZilla is corrupted. Either way, there's a fix.


  • Even if you've successfully used FileZilla in the past, the settings could have become corrupted. Think of program corruptions like breaks in the code or bits of data that didn't transfer to your hard drive correctly, so some element is missing when the computer tries to open FileZilla. As a result, the program can't start. Corruptions sometimes happen when you update your operating system or your version of FileZilla. If you've never used FileZilla before, the most likely reason it won't open is a corrupted installation file.


  • The first thing to do is download the latest version of FileZilla. Even if it's the same version you already installed, it's best to start with a fresh copy. The installation file you originally used may have been corrupted to begin with. Also confirm that you download the right installation file for your operating system. If you're a Mac user, download either the PowerPC version -- for users of G4 or G5 -- or the Intel CPU version -- for Intel computers made after 2006. Next, reinstall the program and watch for any error messages.


  • The FileZilla installation package is an archived file. In most cases, it's a ZIP file. In Windows, you double-click the ZIP file to "unpack" its contents, then double-click the file inside to start the installation. This is where most file corruptions happen. If you get any kind of error message at this point, delete everything you downloaded and start the download again. Mac installation files automatically "unpack," but the same rule applies. If you have a problem opening the installation file, delete everything and start fresh.

Runtime Errors

  • You may see a "runtime error" when FileZilla tries -- and fails -- to open in Windows. This is a known problem with older versions of Windows, including 95, 98, ME, NT4 and 2000. Either update your operating system to Windows XP or later, or download and install FileZilla version 1 or 2. The FileZilla Wiki does not recommend using these older versions of the program for security reasons.

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