Why Can't Xcode See My iPhone?


The Xcode integrated development environment comes with a number of tools to make the iOS application development process easier. One of these tools is an iOS simulator that creates an iOS-lookalike environment directly on your computer. Sometimes, however, you may wish to test your applications on an actual iPhone. If you want Xcode to detect your iPhone so that you can transfer your applications over to the device, you must enable the device for development first.

Connection Types

  • You can connect your iPhone device to the Xcode application in two ways. Connect the iPhone to the computer via the USB connection cable that came with the device. This creates a standard hard-wired connection that can be used to transfer files and applications from Xcode to the iPhone. Alternately, connect the iPhone to the computer via a Bluetooth connection. This wireless connection can also be used to transfer files and applications from Xcode to the iPhone, but you must enable Xcode's "iOS Device Discovery" option to do so.

Establishing the Connection

  • If you want Xcode to detect your iPhone, you must first connect the device to the computer. To establish a hard-wired connection, simply plug the dock connector end of the USB cable into the iPhone's dock connector port and plug the standard USB end of the cable into the computer's standard USB port. To establish a Bluetooth connection, however, you must use the computer's Bluetooth Setup Assistant, which can be found in the "Bluetooth" section of the computer's System Preferences.

Initial Connection Prompt

  • When you connect an iPhone to a computer and launch the Xcode application for the first time, you're prompted with a screen that displays all of your iPhone's information, including its storage capacity, model, serial number, ECID, identifier and software version. A button labeled "Use for Development" is located at the bottom of this screen. If you the button, however, the iPhone won't appear in the Xcode application.

Enable iOS Device Discovery

  • To use a Bluetooth connection with Xcode, you must first enable the application's "iOS Device Discovery" feature. This feature can be found in the "General" section of the application's preferences. Once you've placed a check mark next to the "Support Wirelessly Connected Devices" option, Xcode will be able to detect your wirelessly connected iPhone.

Enable Development

  • If Xcode can't see your iPhone when it's connected to the computer, you may not have selected the "Use for Development" option when you initially connected the device to the computer. To enable this option after the initial prompt, click the "Window" menu and select the "Organizer" option. Click the iPhone's icon beneath the "Devices" heading and click the "Use for Development" button to enable the option.

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