Technical Help for Seven Blinking Red Lights on a Sony Trinitron


Sony Trinitron cathode-ray tube televisions are designed with colored light-emitting diodes that turn on or blink to indicate television status during standby and viewing. When one or more LEDs blinks continuously, or in a pattern that repeats, technical help in the form of troubleshooting or professional repair is often required to resolve the issue.

LED Alerts

  • A red LED on a Sony Trinitron usually blinks in a pattern to alert you to a problem detected by the TV's self-diagnostic feature. Depending on the cause of the problem detected, the light blinks one to nine times, pauses and then repeats the pattern.

Seven Blinks

  • When a red LED blinks seven times, pauses and repeats, the blinking usually indicates that voltage that ran through the Trinitron was too high and triggered the TV's protection circuit. High voltage is usually the result of a large power surge from events such as lightning strikes, or power outages and blackouts. Typically, such events force the TV to shut down to protect it or because of damaged components.

    Red lights also flash in a pattern of seven blinks when you're dealing with a false alert. A red LED blinks, but the TV isn't damaged and hasn't experienced a high-voltage event, or some other damage is causing the false alert. The TV may or may not turn on when you use the remote control or "Power" button its control panel after you see the seven blinking red lights.


  • Sony recommends basic troubleshooting when a red LED blinks seven times, starting with turning your Sony Trinitron on and then off again. If you can't turn it on, the blinking continues, or both, you should unplug the power cord from the main power source -- electrical wall outlet or surge protector -- wait 60 seconds, plug it in and then try to turn it on again. If your Trinitron doesn't turn on and you're using a surge protector, you can plug it into a wall outlet to see if it's a damaged surge protector. If your TV still doesn't turn on, you're likely dealing with a serious issue and repair situation.

Additional Assistance

  • In the event that your Sony Trinitron continues to malfunction, you can contact Sony via Sony Online Support Live Chat or phone, for additional assistance and repair. You need to supply the Sony representative with your Trinitron's model number and describe any events that preceded the problem and your troubleshooting efforts. The representative should be able to provide information on arranging on-site or off-site professional troubleshooting and repair.

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