I Cannot Render .JSP Files in IE 8.0


When the Web page you are trying to load ends with a ".jsp" extension, it means that the page uses Oracle's JavaServer Pages framework. However, if such a page is not rendering when you use Internet Explorer 8, then the fact that the framework is based on Java is not to blame. Most likely the page either uses JavaScript elements, or your Web browser has an add-on that is blocking the page from rendering. The current version of the browser is IE9; upgrading the browser may resolve the problem.

JSP Function

  • JSP is a Java-based framework for developing dynamic web page content before it sends HTML page data to visitors. Developers link Java code to HTML websites, and when a visitor requests a website the JSP framework executes the page's associated Java class files. These programs execute and generate specialized HTML code for the Web page, which the visitor sees on her browser.


  • The Java language itself uses a Java virtual machine (JVM) to translate compiled Java byte code into code individual machines and operating systems can execute. JSP is a server-side framework, meaning that the work of executing Java code is done on the server itself. The visitor only sees the result of this execution. Consequently, the visitor does not need a JVM installed or enabled on his machine to render JSP pages. The server that is rendering the ".jsp" file does need to correctly link the JSP framework to a JVM to correctly render pages for Web browsers, like Internet Explorer.

Java Script Enabled

  • Another problem that could prevent Internet Explorer from correctly rendering a JSP page is if Internet Explorer has disabled JavaScript. Many websites send the results of the Java execution to JavaScript code for final rendering. JavaScript is a popular scripting language used for the Web, but does have a number of known security vulnerabilities. For this reason, many individuals choose to disable JavaScript in their browsers as a security precaution. If you trust the website that will not render and Internet Explorer has disabled JavaScript execution, try re-enabling it and load the JSP page again.

Add on Blocking.

  • If the JSP page will still not render, one of the add-ons you have installed on Internet Explorer could be interfering with the page. Click on the "Tools" section of your Internet Explorer toolbar, then click "Manage Add-ons." Proceed to click on the name of each add-on and click "disable." Once you have disabled all your add-ons, try to reload the page. If the page renders correctly then begin re-enabling your add-ons, one at a time. After you re-enable each add-on, try to reload the page. When the page won't load after re-enabling a particular add-on, you know that's the one preventing the page from loading.

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