Why Is the Power Light on My 2Wire 2701HG-B Blinking Red and Green?


Your 2Wire 2701HG Gateway device functions as both a modem and a wireless router. This means it can connect you to the Internet as well as create a Wi-Fi network if you wish. The device normally functions as expected, providing a quick, simple and reliable connection. However, if the power light on the device begins blinking erratically, especially if it alternates between red and green, it probably means an error has been encountered.

LED Indicators

  • Your 2Wire Gateway has a series of LEDs that provide status information. Each LED is labeled on the router: Power, Internet, Wireless, USB PC, DSL and Internet. The power light lets you know whether the device is on or off and its basic status. The Ethernet, Wireless and USB PC lights indicate which connections are enabled and which are active. The DSL LED blinks each time data is sent to or from the Internet, and the Internet light lets you know its connection status.

Blinking Red and Green

  • The power LED should be in one of five states: off, blinking green, solid green, blinking orange or solid red. If the LED is blinking green, the device is powering up; solid green means the device is online. If the LED is red, the device has encountered an error and isn't working properly. The power light should not alternate between red and green; if it does, your 2Wire device is encountering some kind of error, possibly one that is intermittent.


  • One possible solution is simply to restart the router. Unplug the device from the power outlet for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. You'll have to wait a few seconds to several minutes for an Internet connection to be established. If the LED is still blinking green and red, contact your Internet service provider and find out if an outage is affecting your area. ISP problems will cause errors if your 2Wire device cannot connect to the Internet.

Technical Support

  • If you’ve confirmed that your ISP is not experiencing an outage and the 2Wire Gateway still doesn't work after you've rebooted it, you’ll need to seek technical support. If the power LED indicates an error, the problem could be highly technical and require professional repair or replacement. You can contact 2Wire technical support by calling the phone number listed in the device's documentation or on the package, or you can submit a question to support at the 2Wire Support website (see Resources) after creating an account. Another option is to contact your ISP’s tech support department, although they may be unable to help you if they don't officially support the 2Wire 2701HG Gateway device.

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