What Revision Is My D-Link DI-624?


The D-Link DI-624 is a 2.4 gigahertz wireless router. Because the router has been discontinued by D-Link in the United States since 2007, the company no longer offers support. You can, however, use the available resources to conduct your own troubleshooting and repair; to do so, you will need to know which of the five DI-624 revisions you have.

About Revisions

  • A revision is a different type of the same router model. Depending on the extent of the revision, it may use different hardware than the original router; the difference from one DI-624 revision to another can be significant. D-Link is unique among router manufacturers, who generally use different product and model numbers rather than revisions.

Finding Revision Numbers

  • The revision number for your DI-614 is printed on a label on the bottom of the router. Your router may have several labels. Look for one with the model number, UPC code, SN (serial number), MAC ID and a notation called "HW Ver," which stands for "hardware version." The letter code directly after the HW Ver will be the revision code. If the label on your router has rubbed off, you can check the code printed on the router box.

Other Methods

  • If you do not have the original packaging and the label has been peeled off of your router, you can still find the revision. In the router management interface, click on the "Tools" option and then "Firmware." The firmware filename will have your revision letter in it. The most current version of the firmware for Revision B, for example, is "di-624_B_133_nml.bin." The letter for your revision will appear after the di-624. In addition to the original DI-624, which is marked with an "a" in the firmware filename, there are revisions B, C, D and E.

Importance of a Revision Number

  • Because of the difference in DI-624 revisions, knowing the number is crucial when choosing the correct support resources. If you have the incorrect revision number, you will download the incorrect firmware for your router. The wrong firmware will render the router unable to communicate with your computer. The revision number is also important when looking up community support resources and downloading installation guides or product manuals.

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