My ASUS EEE F9 Won't Work


The ASUS EEE F9 hotkey launches your computer's recovery program, which can help you restore your computer. Pressing F9 during startup resets your computer to the original factory settings, deleting any installed programs or files saved on your computer. If the F9 key fails to work, the problem may be the result of a hardware or software problem. If you can't resolve the problem on your own, you can contact ASAU support.

Hardware Problems

  • If your computer doesn't launch the recovery program after pressing "F9" while booting the computer, the problem could be the key itself. The key is attached to metal prongs that hold the key in place on top of the sensor. Over time, the key can become dislodged and may not respond when pressed. Removing and reinserting the plastic key on the prongs may correct the problem. The key can also accumulate dust or dirt underneath, causing it to stick. Try using canned air to blow out dirt or other objects from underneath the key.

Function Problems

  • In order for F9 to launch the recovery program, you must have the Boot Booster option enabled. You can verify that Boot Boost is enabled through the binary input-output system (BIOS) menu. Damage to the hard disk drive on your computer can also cause damage to the partition where the recovery program is stored, making it impossible to access. If enabling the Boot Boost option doesn't correct the problem, the hard disk drive needs repaired.


  • Restoring your computer to the original factory settings may correct the issue and allow you to access the F9 recovery program. However, restoring the factory settings erases any personal files and programs on the computer. Alternatively, ASUS provides a list of authorized service centers at where you can get your computer repaired. You'll have to pay a fee to have the computer repaired at a service center.


  • If you recently purchased your ASUS EEE and haven't made any changes to the device that could effect the F9 key, such as restoring the operating system manually or damaging the key itself, you may qualify for a replacement under the manufacturer's warranty. Generally, ASUS offers a one-year warranty for computers. You can verify your warranty status by checking your computer's manual or contacting ASUS directly at 1-888-678-3688.

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