Stuck Pins in a Computer Monitor Cable


Stuck pins sometimes cause of computer monitor and cable problems. They can make a computer monitor cable no longer work, resulting in a blank or distorted monitor image. They can also make disconnection or connection of a cable impossible. The type of method you use to remove stuck pins depends on your situation.

Stuck Pin Scenarios

  • Stuck pins are usually damaged pins inside a connector or pins that have broken off in a socket on a computer, computer monitor or computer cable adapter. Mounting screws that won't turn on the connectors on certain cables are also sometimes referred to as "stuck pins."

Damaged Connector Pins

  • Damaged pins inside a the computer monitor cable connector can make it impossible to plug the cable connector into a socket. Sometimes you can repair this type of pin at home by straightening it out with a pair of needle-nose pliers. You can also slide the narrow tip of an empty disposable plastic mechanical pencil barrel over a bent pin to straighten it.

Broken Pins

  • Loose pins in a computer monitor cable can weaken or pull out of the connector completely. Sometimes removal is as simple as shaking the pin out of the hole or using suction to remove it. If the pin sticks out of the hole slightly, using a small needle-nose pliers or tweezers may work.

    If pulling the pin out of the hole doesn't work, you can also attempt to remove it by carefully inserting the end of a metal sewing pin between the pin and hole and trying to nudge it out. Attempting to remove broken pins can result in damage to the socket on your monitor or computer. If you're concerned you might cause damage, or you've tried these methods and the pin's still stuck, contact a computer repair technician for additional assistance.

Stuck Screws

  • People sometimes refer to stuck mounting thumbscrews on certain computer monitor cable connectors as "stuck pins." A thumbscrew may not turn when you're trying to secure the connector to the socket. In addition, it can become stuck after you've secured the cable -- when you try to disconnect the cable, the plastic grip won't turn or it pulls off the connector leaving the screw stuck inside the screw hole on the monitor.

    You can usually loosen the screw by twisting the grip slightly clockwise and then counterclockwise. If that doesn't work and you're dealing with short grips, someone with smaller fingers may be able to loosen it as sometimes the problem is that you're not gripping the plastic completely and trying to twist at an angle. For very difficult situations, a computer repair technician may have to remove the connector.

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