What Does "DCOM Server Process Launcher Terminated Unexpectedly" Mean?


DCOM is a Microsoft Windows service that works to relay information and data among computers on a single network. The DCOM service is not necessary to run normal computer functions; however, an error in the DCOM server launch process could result in the computer automatically shutting down or terminating unexpectedly.

DCOM Process

  • DCOM stands for Distributed Component Object Model and is found in the computer registry under the name DcomLaunch. DCOM is not an individual file, rather it is a service that allows for communication between a client and a server across a network and helps to transfer data along multiple computers on that network. While the service is not crucial to Microsoft Windows functions, an issue or interference with the process means that programs that use DCOM will not run properly, resulting in an error message.

Unexpected Termination Error

  • The DCOM unexpected termination error occurs when the DCOM process is compromised or there is a problem with the DcomLaunch service that is stopping the computer running the service correctly. Generally when the message appears, it will causes Windows to crash or may automatically reboot the computer. Therefore, stopping the DCOM error is the only way for computer functions to continue to work properly.


  • There are many different issues that can cause an error in the DCOM process, making the computer terminate the process unexpectedly. An error in the registry could be interfering with the DCOM service. A recent installation of a new program or service may cause issues with the DcomLaunch application. In some cases, the computer may be crashing or shutting down due to a virus or malware hiding in the DCOM service. Therefore it's important to run a virus scan to avoid possible damage to the computer or to stop continuing DCOM errors.

Stopping the Error

  • Performing a system recovery may undo the issue that altered or damaged the DCOM process in the first place. In Windows, the system recovery option is accessible through the installation disk. However, many computer systems come with their own computer restore options. However, if a system recovery does not stop the DCOM error, the fix is generally made in the computer registry where DcomLaunch is stored. Unless you have a strong knowledge of the computer registry processes, it is not advised to work in the registry, as you run the disk of damaging important computer files. Instead, contact Microsoft Support for assistance.

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