Why Is Winipcfg Not Found?


You will not be able to find winipcfg.exe on any version of Windows newer than Millennium Edition. This can be disconcerting if you are accustomed to working with the application in one version and find that you have to use a completely unfamiliar alternative in another. However, there is a Microsoft supported application very similar to winipcfg.exe that you can use on newer versions of Windows.

Basic Winipcfg Info

  • Winipcfg.exe is a Windows application that you can find in Windows 95, 98 and ME editions. With this application you can gather information about your network configuration. The application's basic function is to display information on your TCP/IP settings, and it does this automatically when you launch it using the "Run" utility. You can view your subnet mask, IP address, and adapter address by clicking the "More Info" button.

NT Based Windows

  • The Winipcfg.exe utility is found only in Windows 9x systems. Specifically, these are the versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows ME. Versions of Windows that were released parallel to these were branded as "Windows NT," and they made use of other IP utilities. You will not find Winipcfg in Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 because these operating systems are based on Windows NT. These systems use the utility ipconfig.exe in place of Winipconfig.exe.

IP Config

  • Unlike the earlier winipconfg.exe, which had a graphical user interface, ipconfig.exe is a command-line utility. You can access it by clicking "Start," clicking "Run," typing "ipconfig.exe" and pressing "Enter." Ipconfig.exe contains all of the features of winipcfg.exe but adds the ability to view information on all of your network adapters at once. You do this by typing "ipconfig/all" into the command prompt. You can also use ipconfig.exe to determine whether or not any given adapter is connected, by looking for the "Media State" header directly beneath the adapter name.


  • If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, and do not enjoy using ipconfig's command-line interface, you can download the program wntipcfg.exe. This program is designed to emulate winipcfg.exe and has all of the same features. As with winipcfg.exe, you can press the "Release" button to release your IP address back to the network and request a new one. If you are connected through multiple adapters, you can release all of your IP addresses by pressing the "Release All" button. Wntipcfg.exe is not compatible with Windows Vista or 7.

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