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Slingbox devices allow you to watch your home cable or satellite TV channels on computers or Internet-enabled screens. The pictures are sent over wireless Internet, meaning you need the right router settings to work with the Slingbox. The device software adds new router settings automatically. However, in some cases you may need to manually configure your router to work with Slingbox. In particular, you'll need to change the port forwarding router settings.

Network Setup Assistant

  • The Slingbox website provides a tool called the Network Setup Assistant that helps you configure your router to work with your Slingbox device. The option "Set up Internet viewing" automatically diagnoses your router settings to check for Slingbox compatibility. If there's a problem, or if you want to do this process yourself, select "Manually set up your Slingbox for remote viewing." You'll need to know your router make and model (see Resources for a link).

Router IP

  • Changing settings in your router requires the router IP address. It should be on the rear of your device or with the original documents. Type this long number, complete with periods, into a browser URL bar. You'll also need the right login details, which are also found with your original documents. The IP address opens up your router settings screen. From here you can check for the correct Slingbox settings.

Port Forwarding

  • The correct port forwarding settings on your router allow you to watch your TV channels away from your home. By default, Slingbox uses port 5,001 on your router. In some cases, anti-virus software such as McAfee causes problems with Slingbox login. If this is the case, select ports 5,121, 5,024 or 5,000 for access. In any case, choose a port number higher than 5,000.

Other Settings

  • Your router admin will also request the Slingbox IP address. To find this, start the SlingPlayer software on your computer. Hover your mouse icon over the name of your Slingbox to get the IP address. You'll also need to enable transmission control protocol, or TCP, in the Options section. User datagram protocol, or UDP, is also recommended. Both are usually activated with a checkbox in the router IP control panel.

New Router

  • If you install a new router for your wireless setup you'll need to reset your Slingbox to its original settings. Once configured to work with a particular router, the Slingbox won't automatically work with a new device. In this case, according to the Slingbox website you should press and hold the Slingbox reset button on the rear of the device for five seconds. The lights on the front panel will flash for up to 30 seconds and then stay lit when the box is reset. You can now configure the box to work with your new router settings.

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