Temporary Internet Files: The Parameter Is Incorrect


When Microsoft Windows users open a Web page, download a file from the Internet or watch a streaming video online, a copy of the files they view temporarily get stored onto their computers. When you visit a website, for instance, several elements of the site including images, objects, and text information disperse into several temporary files that get stored on your computer. The "The parameter is incorrect" error occurs when the system is unable to create temporary files in response to your online activity.

Temporary Internet Files

  • Temporary Internet Files is the name of the folder where files from your previous Internet activity are stored. The following is the default path of the folder: User Account/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary Internet Files, where "User Account" is the name of the account. The folder can be more easily accessed via the Internet Explorer browser by selecting "Tools | Internet Options | Settings | View Files." The temporary Internet files remain in the folder until they are deleted or until the cache exceeds its storage limit.


  • Past Internet activity is automatically preserved in the Temporary Internet Files folder for two main reasons. The first objective is to speed up the browsing experience; when you revisit a Web page, elements of the page are first loaded from the files already residing in the temporary folder. If the Web page underwent changes since your last visit, the new elements are then downloaded from the Internet. This reduces the time it takes for a user to gather previously accessed Internet content. Secondly, the ability to access Internet files from the cache allows users to browse or access content when offline.

What Causes the Error?

  • The "The parameter is incorrect" error may occur for several reasons. When you connect to a website that uses a language not installed on your computer or if your computer uses a language incompatible with the universal code of language, most Internet websites will cause the error. Similarly, the error occurs if the website contains an object that your system has failed to recognize. The error can also occur if the folder is moved to a different location and the path of the new location is not specified in "Internet Options." Finally, if the cache in the folder exceeds its size limit, the system can decline to create any new temporary files, hence causing the error.

How to Fix It?

  • The most basic method to fix or prevent the error is to clean out all temporary files from the folder. Files can be deleted from the folder via "Internet Options." Further, the default disk space allotted for the folder is 50MB; you can expand up to 1028MB to make more room for the temporary Internet files. If the error occurs only when accessing a particular site the problem could be language incompatibility. Users can download language packs that will render support for the system to retrieve content from the website. If the problem had started to appear after installing a particular software application, it is advisable to uninstall the software and see if this will fix the error. Another option is to delete the Index.dat file from the Windows directory. This can be done from the command prompt window. The path for the Index.dat file is: Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE where "Username" is the name of the user account.

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