Internet Explorer Desktop Error the Process Terminated Unexpectedly

If Internet Explorer terminates automatically on a more than fleeting basis, any of several problems may exist with the software of your computer. Identify and remedy the root cause of unexpected Internet Explorer crashes to prevent them from occurring in the future and to ensure you are able to use the program without incident.

  1. Error Reporting

    • After Internet Explorer closes, a dialog box appears asking you whether you want to report the error to Microsoft. Although it is important to type in any details surrounding the unexpected closure and then choose "Send Report" button, sending an error report does not connect you with a Microsoft customer service representative who can help you solve the problem. Rather, it provides Microsoft's tech team with data so that they can better engineer Windows not to encounter these problems in the future.

    System Resource Shortage

    • One reason Internet Explorer terminates unexpectedly is due to a shortage in system resources, be it your central processing unit (CPU) or your computer's random access memory (RAM), which gives your computer the capacity to run multiple applications at the same time. If you were running multiple applications at once when Internet Explorer crashed -- particularly if they were high-usage applications involving video or picture editing -- close out of these programs before you restart Internet Explorer to reduce the chances of the shutdown recurring.

    Malicious Website

    • An alternative possibility is that your computer came across malicious Web content and closed out as a precaution. An indication of this is if you remember seeing Web content on your screen to which you didn't explicitly navigate, or which may have been pornographic, offensive or "You've Just Won" in nature. If you believe you may have encountered malicious content, run a virus scan immediately and regardless, keep your computer's virus protection on at all times.

    Internet Explorer Version

    • It is also possible that you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer that is prone to unexpected shutdowns because of compatibility issues. To update Internet Explorer, choose the Software Update "flag" icon in the Windows Taskbar, then right-click and select "Update Software." Tick the box next to Internet Explorer in the list of programs for which an update is available, then click "Install."

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