The ThinkPad T500 Recovery


Over the course of time, as you use your ThinkPad T500, you may encounter problems in functionality. These issues can appear due to corrupted files, malware or unexpected system errors. Correcting these problems involves performing a recovery procedure that will replace damaged or corrupted files with good versions. System recovery helps to identify problems and correct them with the original operating system files and programs.

Before You Begin

  • Before performing any recovery procedure, be sure to back up all personal information that you would not want to lose. Write the data to a separate media such as DVDs or CDs, or copy it to a separate hard drive. Backing up regularly ensures that you will not lose precious information should your ThinkPad require a more thorough recovery procedure. Always plug in your T500 using the AC adapter during the recovery process to ensure sufficient power supply.

ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery

  • Installed on the ThinkPad T500 is a program called Rescue and Recovery, which helps you diagnose and fix problems with the Windows operating system. To access this software, reboot your T500 and press the oval-shaped blue ThinkVantage button -- located on the upper-left area of your keyboard -- when the ThinkPad logo appears. When the Rescue and Recovery menu appears, choose the option that describes what you want to do, such as restore from a backup, configure settings or troubleshoot problems. Follow the directions on the screen to run the appropriate action.

Recovery Discs

  • Your ThinkPad T500 came with a set of recovery discs that will essentially reset the machine back to the default settings and configuration that were in place when purchased new. Start by placing the Start Recovery Disc into the drive. Follow the on-screen directions to select your language and accept the terms of service. The directions will also explain when to insert the next discs to reinstall the operating system and programs. You can also run the factory recovery from the hard drive by selecting “Full Restore” under the ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery menu.


  • In computer terms, the word “recovery” is often used interchangeably with the word “restore.” While both “recovery” and “restore” can refer to the complete resetting of the system to the original factory defaults, “recovery” also refers to the act of fixing problems and retrieving lost or corrupted programs or files. When dealing with functional and operational problems in your ThinkPad, be sure to recognize the difference between the two so you don't wipe out your entire system when all you really mean to do is simply replace a few bad files.

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