Can I Attach a Pool Cleaner to a Temporary Skimmer?

Instead of contracting with a professional pool cleaner to skim your backyard pool or investing in expensive mechanical pool cleaners, you can attach a suction-side automatic pool cleaner to the skimmer installed in your pool. This budget option will not solve all your pool-cleaning problems, and pool professionals might be needed for some tasks. But for simple, routine cleaning, attaching an automatic pool cleaner to a temporary skimmer is a viable option.

  1. Using Tools You Have

    • Be familiar with the tools you have for your pool maintenance. You need to have a pool skimmer in your pool; this essentially is a basket with a suction port located on the side of the pool. The basket collects debris and dirt. All in-ground pools have a skimmer. If you are upgrading your pool, you might have a temporary skimmer. Even with a temporary skimmer, you can complete this project.

    Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaners

    • Suction-side automatic pool cleaners are among the most common and popular automatic pool cleaners on the market. They are relatively inexpensive and are made to attach to the pool skimmer. You can order a suction-side automatic pool cleaner from an online pool vendor or from your local pool supply company. Once the suction-side pool cleaner is attached to your temporary pool skimmer and your pool pump is running, the cleaner will suction dirt and debris from your pool and deposit them into your pool's filter system.

    Attaching Cleaner and Skimmer

    • Attaching the automatic pool cleaner to the skimmer is easy as long as you have purchased a suction-side automatic pool cleaner that is made to attach to a skimmer. When you purchase your pool cleaner, it should come with a hose element that is designed to hook up your cleaner with your skimmer. By attaching one end of the hose to the cleaner and the other end of the hose into the suction port inside the skimmer basket, you will be on your way to cleaning your pool automatically.

    Final Steps

    • Double-check to make sure the hose is secure on both ends. To start cleaning, gently drop the pool cleaner and the hose into the pool. Turn on the pool pump, and the automatic pool cleaner that is now attached to your temporary skimmer will clean the floor of your pool.

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