Help With the Void(False) Error in JavaScript

Java is a scripting language that allows websites to display content that you can interact with. “Javascript:void(0)” error messages are displayed by your Web browser when JavaScript fails to load correctly. Corrupt JRE installations, outdated Web browsers and pop-up blockers can cause your Web browser to display “javascript:void(0)” error messages. If you want to stop seeing “javascript:void(0)” error messages when you surf the Internet, you must resolve these issues.

  1. JavaScript Disabled

    • Most Web browsers feature options to turn JavaScript on and off. If JavaScript is disabled, you will get a “javascript:void(0)” message when visiting webpages that contain JavaScript. To resolve this issue, you must turn on JavaScript. You can perform this task by visiting your Web browser’s content or security settings page.

    Outdated Web Browser

    • You may be using an older version of a Web browser that does not fully support JavaScript. If this is the case, you must update your Web browser to a newer version. You can get a free update by visiting the Web browsers official website. Tech blogs such as also provide free downloads for newer versions of Web browsers.

    Pop-up Blocker

    • Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox feature built-in pop-up blockers. When enabled, these pop-blockers prevent most types of scripting languages, including JavaScript, from loading on your Web browser. Disabling your Web browsers pop-up blocker will prevent “javascript:void(0)” errors, but will also result in annoying pop-up windows and advertisements showing up.

    Corrupt JRE Installation

    • Your computer’s JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installation might be corrupted. If this is the case, your Web browser will fail to load JavaScript correctly, resulting in “javascript:void(0)” error messages. Reinstalling the Java Runtime Environment will resolve this issue. You can get the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment from

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